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UFC Gym, The Ultimate Fitness Destination

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About UFC Gym Concord

This is where it all started. The inaugural UFC Gym. We built it in the heart of Contra Costa County, knowing that to get every feature we wanted into one facility, it had to be big. Really big. As in, 38,000-square-feet big.

With two floors of facilities designed exclusively for our discerning members, UFC Gym Concord has everything you’d expect from a world-class, 24/7 gym.

Even when UFC Gym Concord is at full capacity, there’s more than enough room to move around. Waiting for a machine to open up is a non-issue here. With plenty of parking, generous locker rooms and lots of space between machines, you can work out unencumbered and free of hassles. And reconfigure your body for strength and endurance, forever.

UFC Gym Concord Contacts:

1975 Diamond Blvd.
Concord, CA 94520

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Hours of Operation:

Open 24 Hours

Concord Programming Schedule