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What to Expect in a UFC GYM Boxing Class

Thomas Pho

It’s a new year and you’re ready to transform your body for the better. Finding the motivation to workout can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier to get yourself to the gym when you LOVE what you are doing. At UFC GYM, we understand this, so we’ve developed fitness classes that are not only going to deliver results, but make the process fun! One of the most popular exercise classes at UFC GYM is Boxing Class, and it’s easy to see why it is a member favorite.

UFC GYM Boxing Coaches take basic boxing moves and combine them into sets of killer rounds that teach you new techniques, challenge your endurance and leave you dripping in sweat. The best part - you actually get to HAVE FUN!

In our Boxing classes, you’ll spend most of your time with a 150-lb boxing bag in a matted room—from warm-up, cardio rounds, combos, core, to cool down! Here are a few other things you can ALWAYS expect to see in a UFC GYM Boxing class:

1. The Best Coaches in the Business

From Boxing pros to experienced amateurs—our coaches not only come from the best, but know how to turn these classes into great and fun workouts. Our coaches will break down and simplify the boxing techniques to improve your form, while ensuring your heart rate stays up the entire workout.

2. A Heart Pumping Warm-up

Ever wonder what your favorite fighter does before a fight? Our boxing class warm-ups are closely simulated to that of a pro boxer. Expect to get your body warm and your heart pumping right away with jump roping, footwork, shadow boxing, and other dynamic workout exercises.

3. Rounds on Rounds on Rounds

The main workout portion in a UFC GYM Boxing Class will consist of rounds of that in an actual boxing match--7 rounds at 3 minutes each with 1 minute to rest in between.  Exercises will include: punches, combos, defense, core, and conditioning exercises!

4. A Supportive Atmosphere

Being pushed by your favorite coach alongside your kick-ass teammates truly makes this class a workout you will want to come back to every week. Together we will get through a demanding workout, blast calories, hit things (and get our stress out before going home to the family), challenge and support each other, and again, most importantly— HAVE FUN!

5. Learn Something New

Our members LOVE how many calories they burn and love having a killer workout all while learning a new skillset. Our experienced Coaches will constantly challenge you to reach new heights, whether it’s improving form, speed, or meeting a weight loss goal. That’s the best thing about UFC GYM—we encourage and help people to train different!

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