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Why Kickboxing is My Go To Workout

Vinay Khurana

Hello, my name is Vinay and I have been a member at UFC GYM Costa Mesa, CA for about 2 years now. I truly love the environment, workouts, facility, and Coaches. My experiences have been excellent as the training has drastically improved my ability as an athlete teaching proper form, new and exciting exercises, and increasing my stamina as well as strength. While I have tried many classes and areas of training at UFC GYM, Kickboxing is my main focus as I generally train it six times a week.

Kickboxing is my go to workout, and here is why I love Kickboxing Conditioning at UFC GYM:

1. Cardio Killer

UFC GYM Kickboxing Conditioning gives me the best cardio workout. The class movements utilize your legs which require the most energy to use. Kicking hard and fast in multiple classes a week has vastly improved my cardiovascular health and endurance. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather improve my cardio strength from hitting the bags with a high energy group than spend 30 minutes on the treadmill!

2. A Mind/Body Workout

Kickboxing Conditioning class uses multiple muscle groups at once. This helps with coordination, timing, precision, and flexibility. Using your legs and feet to strike with, while holding form in your upper body, requires your mind to control your entire body to move as one. This mind body connection has helped me improve my overall fitness ability from Kickboxing Conditioning class and beyond.

3. Self Defense Techniques

In addition to knowing I will always be hit with a challenge, Kickboxing Conditioning class teaches multiple self-defense techniques. UFC GYM Coaches are great about teaching proper form. Throughout my training at UFC GYM Costa Mesa, I have learned how to properly hit the bag with by hands, elbows, legs, and feet, improving my overall self-defense techniques and confidence.

4. The Ultimate Challenge

We all know Kickboxing Conditioning is a challenge for your body, but it also challenges and sharpens the mind. By having class equipment to be aware of, proper technique and form to hold, while constantly training and being required to attain different combos, you are constantly engaging your mind to remember and think as quickly as you execute.

Overall, I would recommend UFC GYM's Kickboxing Conditioning program because of the benefits it brings to your mind and body, the high caliber of Coaches, and the improvements you will see in your body from this training. I feel very grateful to have experienced training at such a professional structure such as UFC GYM.

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