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What to Expect in a UFC GYM D.U.T Class

Jake Harfman

Sweat is dripping, your heart is pounding, and your legs are shaking. You hear the Coach yell, “One more minute”. That’s one more minute for you to burn those calories, melt away the fat, and leave feeling satisfied. Your teammate next to you gives you a pat on the back and says, “let’s do this”. You grab your kettlebell and go to work. This is UFC GYM’s Daily Ultimate Training (D.U.T), a functional workout targeting your entire body, and sure to deliver results. D.U.T class has become a member favorite due to its challenging and interactive environment. Here are some things you can expect to see and feel in a UFC GYM Daily Ultimate Training class:

1. Dynamic Warmup

D.U.T will always start with a dynamic warmup to lengthen muscle tissues, increase heart rate, and prep the body for the activities the class will demand. It is made up of a series of preconceived movements that are at your own pace. D.U.T's are geared towards catering to a variety of fitness levels. The classes have been designed to not be too overwhelming, but still be difficult enough for our more advanced members to feel satisfied and challenged as well.

2. Experienced Coaches

UFC GYM prides itself on leading the industry with the best coaches who have a science-based approach to fitness. By having different coaches teach D.U.T without a set script allows for variety within each training session. Not only will every workout be different, but by having a different coach implement their philosophy it allows for a sampling of a variety of workout styles. This gives members a chance to learn different movements and workout styles while also promoting adaptation, because the workout is always different.

3. Unique Equipment

The beauty of a D.U.T is that it incorporates a wide variety of equipment allowing members to gain comfort and knowledge using free weights. Such wide-ranging modalities of free weights include kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX rip and suspension trainers, Bulgarian bags, Plyo boxes, Concept 2 rowers, barbells, jump ropes, treadmills, assault bikes, sleds, bands, sand bags, medicine balls, battle ropes and much more!! Also, D.U.T gives members a chance to learn how effective simple body weight training can be. It gives members a dynamic understanding of cardio/endurance training, weight/strength training, and performance training.

4. Friendship & Fun!

D.U.T is a communal form of training that really builds rapport, not just between coach & member but between member & member. Turning exercise into a social outlet creates much more value within the classes and gym as a whole. Developing relationships & friendships through training really helps to keep members coming back for more!

5. The Burn

Sticking to one style of training is not always the best way to reach fitness goals. By incorporating a variety of different styles, we are able to promote and instill a well-rounded understanding of overall fitness training. You can expect to burn 500-1,000 calories in this intense 50 min workout. By keeping the body guessing we are creating the most optimal setting for adaptation. This also allows us to cater to multiple types of fitness goals our members have. Whether that is burning calories, building endurance, building strength, improving mobility, building knowledge, or growing social rapport…D.U.T provides it all.

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