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Why I Chose UFC GYM

Candice Becker

Hey there! My name’s Candice Becker, 30 year old mom of two (Jackson and Camdyn) and wife to Brett. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry either for work or by passion for the past 12 years. I’ve seen and tried it all. After moving back to Orange County from Atlanta, and ready to pop with Camdyn, I found myself struggling with which gym to join after moving back. I knew we needed a kids club, but wasn’t crazy about the large gym chains near us...the memberships were pricey once we factored in the kids’ memberships on top of ours and the classes were never_ that _challenging. I loved the idea of joining a boutique gym, but the prices were high, they didn’t offer kids club and the class selections were so small... I was stuck. It wasn’t until my husband asked for a UFC GYM membership for Christmas that I’d even considered walking into one of their gyms. After seeing the presentation in the pre-sale office, I knew this option would work for my entire family! They had so many class options, kids were included, and the price was right!

After joining, I had been itching so bad to get Camdyn (Cammie) into a gym so I could workout, I literally took her in the day she turned 6 months old. Within a few gym visits, I had met all the staff, and each time I came to pick up the kids, the staff filled me in on their activities that day. There is a tremendous amount of value I’ve felt from the beginning at UFC GYM in having great staff and a fun area for my kids to play for FREE with my membership!

Most of my time spent in the gym is spent taking classes. I’ve tried many, but my favorites still seem to be D.U.T, Boxing and Kickboxing Conditioning, and MATRX. The best part of the classes is that they’re never the same workout. Every time I go it’s something new, a different circuit, different combo... it keeps things exciting, and I’m never left wanting more. I work out often, and these classes kick my butt... every time! They are run by “coaches” not trainers, and they do exactly that, they coach and motivate everyone, and get the members to do the same. Everyone in the class becomes your teammate. It’s so much fun to have people you recognize coming to get their butt kicked with you over and over again! I love that each coach has their own unique background and skill set. The company has really done a great job finding great talent and encouraging them to bring in their own referrals to keep the team growing. UFC GYM brings in the best of the best!

One of the things I took away from our time living in Atlanta was the word “community” and what it meant to incorporate that into our lives. I’d never really had that in a neighborhood, or gym for that matter... Now, every time I walk into our UFC GYM I have a smile on my face. I know I’ll run into people I know, catch up with new friends, get a hello and good bye from the front desk staff, and be cheered on by my teammates. If I miss days at the gym, people take time to check up on me, and I do the same for others. A big part of that sense of community starts the minute you join the gym. Most of the locations also have a Facebook page. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the group, and find others you have common interests with. People post questions, post transformations, etc. It’s really motivating to be put in a group of so many with same interests and goals, working together. I’ve never had that feeling or involvement from any of the other gyms or boutique places I’ve worked out at before.

For me to be consistent at a gym or studio and  not get bored after a few months, there have to be “it” factors, and UFC GYM’s, and the people in them are what keep me going. I may try new concepts here and there, but I’m glad that I have this as my home base, and second family for my family and I.

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