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I Took a Kickboxing Class at UFC GYM...

Caitlin Horvath

Hey guys! My name is Caitlin Horvath. I am 23 years old and I am currently a full time student majoring in Exercise Science, as well as being an online coach & staring my own online business. Health and fitness means so much to me and I want to share my knowledge and motivation with others who may feel lost and feel like they don’t know where to start.

A couple years back I really struggled with eating. I thought being skinny was what being “healthy” and “fit” was. I would force myself to do endless amounts of hours of cardio to burn off the food I ate that day because I was scared of gaining weight. I finally got so sick of living this way, I knew I needed to change my mindset, start living life to the fullest, and stop limiting myself to the point of weakness. I remember I would read articles every night on how to be healthy and fit, and become stronger.

At this point I changed my major to Exercise Science so I could give it my full attention at school, and outside of school. At this time, I was also introduced to body building and weightlifting in the gym. At first, I was so scared of what others would think of me in the weight room. I was scared people would think I was weak or performing certain exercises wrong. Eventually after a couple of weeks, I didn’t care anymore about other people’s opinions. I gave it my all every day and I saw results that I had never seen before in the past. I finally had something to be proud of. I felt invigorated and I wanted to share my experience and motivate others to start their fitness journeys as well. This led me to creating my fitness Instagram account, and now online coaching business, CaitlinMichelleFit.

The main reason I started online coaching was because I wanted to help others feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I want to ensure that you don’t have to starve yourself or do ridiculous amounts of cardio to achieve your dream body. Fitness is all about getting stronger, living a long and healthy life, and most importantly enjoying life to the fullest with loved ones. It is possible to reach your goals without having to sacrifice the things you love just to get there.

A few months back I was introduced to UFC GYM. I had only taken Boxing class a few times in my life, but after seeing a class that was going on during my first visit to the gym, I felt the urge to give it another go. I am currently getting ready to compete in my first bikini competition on June 2nd, 2018. My training involves a body building/ strength training split and I also need to be incorporating cardio into my workout regimen 3-4 times a week. The stair master (as I’m sure some of you know) can get super boring! I figured boxing training would be a really great alternative some days when I just feel like getting my cardio done in a more exciting and hands on way! UFC GYM offers a killer class called Kickboxing Conditioning. It’s an amazing total body workout to tone your body (while burning some serious calories!). You do not need to be a “pro” at kickboxing in order to enjoy this class. It was so much fun and a lot of the drills that you are doing are basic functional movements… we did A LOT of squats during my first class! Before the class, the coach makes sure you are all set with your hand wraps, and if you’ve never put hand wraps on before they will make sure they are put on properly so your hands are comfortable throughout the class. The class had a really great combination of everything. My whole body was exhausted after! Aside from practicing some different techniques with the bag, we also did a ton of different core work which was great. The coaches really make sure that your using correct form and they take the time to go over the different techniques and combinations the class will be performing. My first class was incredible and definitely made me want to continue trying to get better with the kickboxing techniques and challenge my body in ways that it normally is not used to. I’m so glad that I’ve found UFC GYM because it allows me to incorporate different styles of training into my normal routine. It is so much fun to switch things up! My body definitely liked the challenge and now I am eager to get better and have another hobby aside from just strength training/bodybuilding.

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try out a Kickboxing Conditioning class at UFC GYM! You will not be disappointed. I know sometimes its hard to take that initial step and do something you’ve never done before, but I’m telling you, the feeling afterwards is such an accomplished and rewarding feeling. Everyone at UFC GYM makes you feel like you’re at home, they really do treat you like family and genuinely care about your success and are 100% willing to work with you on weaknesses and helping you excel. I recommend this class for anyone who is willing to give up their normal boring cardio routines and leave the room feeling 10 times more accomplished afterwards!

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