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At-home Workout for Mom


MOM IS STRONG. Who else can birth children, teach them wrong from right, pack them healthy snacks, provide for her family, change dirty diapers, make 249 Target trips a week…the list goes on! With more items on her to do list than time in the day, it can be tough for Mom to get to UFC GYM for one of their fitness classes. Well Mom, we are here to help! Next time you can’t make it to UFC GYM, but need a quick workout, try this at-home workout:


1 minute inchworm to pushup

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute squat

*Perform all exercises consecutively and repeat 2 times through

The Workout


Perform all exercises consecutively with minimal to no rest:

15 bicep curl: Hold the dumbbells by your side with your palms forward. Keeping your elbows by your side, bend your arms in front of you to a curl. Release to starting position.

30 seconds plank jacks

15 sumo squat to front raise: Start with your legs slightly further than your shoulders and your toes pointed out. Squat with your knees pointed over your toes and dumbbells in front of you. As you return to starting position, raise your arms to shoulder level, keeping a slight bend at the elbow. Lower arms to starting position and repeat.

_3_0 seconds mountain climbers

15 weighted toe touches: Lay on your back with your toes to the ceiling. Hold the dumbbell in your hands above your chest. Crunch up, return to starting position, and repeat.

30 seconds high knee runs

*Repeat this sequence 3 times, with minimal rest between rounds.


Perform all exercises consecutively with minimal to no rest:

10 bent over row to reverse fly: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend forward keeping a flat back and weights towards the floor. Keeping elbows pinned to your sides, bend your elbows to a row position, return to starting position. Next, keep a slight bend in your elbows as you open your arms to the side to shoulder level, return to starting position. Repeat this sequence 10 times.

30 seconds plank jacks

10 forward lunge to reverse lunge: Start with feet together, step forward with your right leg, bend both legs to a lunge position, push off the right leg to step behind yourself, keeping your right heel off the floor, perform a reverse lunge. Repeat 10 times on the right leg, then repeat on the left.

30 seconds mountain climbers

10 pushup to side plank: start in a hand plank position, perform a pushup, raise your right arm to the ceiling while twisting your hips to the right side, return to starting position to repeat on the left side. Repeat 10 times on each side.

30 seconds high knee runs

*Repeat this sequence 3 times, with minimal rest between rounds.


30 second elbow plank

30 second hand plank

30 second mountain climbers

30 second elbow plank

Show them how strong you are, Mom. Make it through this workout, and you'll be sure to look and feel great picking up the kids from school later! We hope to see you at UFC GYM soon!

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