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Fit Mom Spotlight - Gabriella Barrios


We recently spoke with trainer Gabriella Barrios about juggling life as a fitness enthusiast, mother, and being an all-around strong and empowering woman. Read on as she reflects on finding your why to stay motivated, the importance of self-care as a mother, and finding time for Fitness.

Does being a mom impact your fitness goals or motivation?

My babies are ages 7 and 4. They are my pride and joy, my “why” in why I work out. My everything and I want to show them in how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

What does being a fit mom mean to you?

Being a fit mom is so much more than creating that physique that you want. It’s all about your mental health. I’m a big advocate of mom’s taking care of themselves and taking that time out of their day to really focus on their mental health, and their physical health too.

That’s very true. Fitness has a huge impact on so many facets of our lives. Why do you think fitness is important?

I think it’s important to lead by example for our children. Showing them that this is normal that this is a healthy lifestyle to lead, to be happy, to create a lifestyle worth living that makes us feel better about ourselves too.

What are your goals as a trainer and fitness enthusiast as it relates to your children? What do you hope they’ll learn from you?

I want to show my baby girl that it’s ok to be confident and strong and show my son as well that he can lead a healthy and happy lifestyle by just taking a few moments out of the day to really focus on his fit life too.

I’m sure you’re busy with all the other responsibilities as a person, but mom’s take on so much for their families. How to do you stay motivated and find the time to work out, being a mom?

We’re moms, we’re strong, we can do anything right? So just taking that moment in the morning right before the kids get up, before school. That is what I was doing for a while and I really appreciated that for myself to really carve out that time in the morning even though I’m tired and even though I barely got any sleep.

If another mom was to come to you and ask, mom to mom, why is it good to take that time for yourself, what would you say?

To really implement this happy lifestyle we want to create, not just for ourselves, but for our babies too. It’s so important.

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