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The Ultimate Fitness Challenge – How to Prepare

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge – How to Prepare

UFC GYM’s annual Ultimate Fitness Challenge is slated to begin on September 18th and rapidly approaching! To better prepare our members for the experience of this once- a-year event, we have pulled together some helpful tips for the challenge!

  1. HYDRATION. One of the most critical aspects of preparing for a fitness challenge is staying hydrated. Hydration is essential to replenish your body during any high intensity fitness activities, but especially the Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Dehydration can negatively impact your mood making you feel anxious, exhausted, and unfocused. Drink plenty of water to keep your energy up to get through these rigorous workouts!
  2. FOOD. While consistently working out is helpful for training, eating nourishing foods have an even greater impact on performance. It may seem daunting to prepare nutritious meals, but meal prepping can help take some of the pressure off and set you up for success. Preparing your meals ahead of time will help with the temptation to eat non-nutrient dense foods and have you feeling your best during the challenge.
  3. MENTAL PREPARATION. Even with food prep and staying hydrated, the fitness challenge can be intimidating to even the best of athletes. Our goal for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge is to have fun and bring you out of your comfort zone! To stay motivated and pumped for the challenge, we recommend you create a fun playlist to listen to while you work out, set reasonable goals for yourself and do the best you can.
  4. REST. Lastly, make sure to schedule those rest days; they are the most crucial aspect for keeping your body healthy and building muscle! Rest helps your body recover and prepare for the next workout, while assisting is critical muscle repair. Have a hard time carving out a rest day or two? Book a recovery session with your trainer or visit the Recovery area to experience a Hyperice percussion massage or Normatec compression therapy.
  5. WHAT TO BRING TO THE CHALLENGE. Bring lots of water, a towel, and a positive attitude! We look forward to seeing you participate in this year’s ULTIMATE FITNESS CHALLENGE! Not signed up for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge? Reach out to your local UFC GYM and sign up today. We can’t wait to see you there!
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