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The Ultimate Fitness Challenge – Trainer Tips

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge – Tips From Top Personal Trainers

We are days away from UFC GYM's Ultimate Fitness Challenge kick-off and want to make sure our team members are prepared to take on this fun, challenging, and competitive event. We’ve spoken with just a couple of our world class trainers on their suggested tips for competing in this years challenge and how partcipating in the challenge, you will have the opportunity to learn some new skills.

Jhanex Alviz - MMA Coach

Jhanex Alviz is an experienced MMA Coach at our UFC FIT Point Loma location. Jhanex says that the key to competing is to keep in mind the competition is not about winning or losing but competing with yourself. She hopes that our members will be able to push themselves to new heights creating confidence and mental toughness within themselves.

Another piece of advice Jhanex offers is not to overtrain your body, but to listen to it, and recover after training. Finding a balance between recovery and training is essential to performing well. At UFC FIT & UFC GYM, we have recovery centers that offer cryotherapy, compression massage therapy, and percussion massage therapy (locations may vary).

One of the most impactful parts of participating in the challenge, Jhanex notes, are the formed connections with members. It is a place to push your body to new limits, learn from our best coaches, and make great memories at UFC GYM!

Gabe Sanchez - Fitness Manager

Some other tips for the challenge come from Gabe Sanchez. Gabe is one of our fitness managers at UFC's FIT Anaheim GardenWalk and the Coach's Champion of 2019 Ultimate Fitness Challenge. One of the few reasons Gabe encourages his members to join the challenge is that instead of just day-to-day training, it provides a sense of purpose because you are training to perform. When preparing for the challenge, you get out of your comfort zone, can showcase aspects of your workout routine and receive assistance from a coach who can help you learn new skills and how to better your exercise form.

His key to success and best words of advice to members participating in the challenge is "Eat well, perform well." Nutrition is essential, and eating a balanced diet could help you to reach your goals.

Gabe notes the best aspect is the camaraderie that comes from participating. Members feel connected and create long-lasting relationships with not only their team but with UFC GYM's amazing coaches!

UFC GYM is here to support our members with their goals and have memorable experiences in our Ultimate Fitness Challenge at UFC GYM. Have questions about the challenge? Contact your local UFC GYM or UFC FIT to speak with one of our coaches. We can't wait to see you there!

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